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Comparing American Voices: The Toll of War Matthew Siegert History 1025 Professor Villarreal November 13, 2009 The Vietnam War was a place in history of brutal killings and political shamble. The whole war was fought over a political crisis yet America won every battle, but not the war. Four American voices are heard in the Toll of War and their voices lay out a timeline of gruesome events and the reality of the Vietnam War. From being forced into fighting for economic reasons to having no choice but to join the war, the four voices show us what it was really like for soldiers on the field. Donald L. Whitfield was a southern Alabama boy who grew up a confederate and worked on cars for a living. Donald had a very strong sense of Americanism and that any American soldier could “whip their ass” meaning Americans would kill any other person fighting against them.1 Whitfield’s experience in the war was close up battle and a constant worrying…show more content…
Smith was part of the medevac unit and with every injured or dead American life he saw his anger toward the Vietnamese increased. Smith realized while attending a Vietnam veterans group that all his hatred for the Vietnamese was from all the pain that he saw the young soldiers go through when they were hurt. Smith saw no reason for fighting and the American lives lost in the conflict were for nothing. People were killed and fought for this country to achieve nothing in the end. The Vietnam War affected millions of veterans and showed the United States that even though they had the most powerful and best military in the world they could still lose a war. Many veterans all across the United States came back from the war with hatred and psychological problems. America’s society had changed after the war, people were not willing to go to war any more and America as a society saw the tragedies that occurred in

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