Robert F. Foley's Contribution During The Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War was one of America’s longest and most controversial conflicts in history and exacted more than three million fatalities, both civilian and military. The United States government was involved in the war as a means to prevent a communist takeover of not only South Vietnam, but to stop the influence from reaching other nations and thus causing a “domino effect” throughout the world. The Vietnam War also garnered one of the biggest anti-war movements in history; despite the best laid intentions of the U.S. government many people protested U.S. involvement and asked for peace between all countries. The political outcries to stop the war could not contain the military’s strategies to defeat the opponent; this led to a war that spanned almost twenty years, from 1959 to 1977 and went through four different presidents and the assassination of one of them. General…show more content…
It is especially evident in the men who were awarded Medals of Honor and who continued to serve in the military, long after the war was over. One of these men, Robert F. Foley who is now better known as Retired Lieutenant General Robert F. Foley, received his Medal of Honor as a Captain for running forward to the scene of the most action to give his company orders. Captain Foley led two platoons in an attack on the enemy during intense fire. Captain Foley was also seriously injured by a grenade, but refused treatment and continued to serve in the front of the battle. After Lieutenant General Foley retired from the military he still chose to work around soldiers and help their families. His selfless courage earned him a medal and shows his true promise to the military and his willingness to help out his fellow companions. Officially in October 2005 Lieutenant General Foley became the eight director of Army Emergency Relief and continues to nobly aid the United
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