Lesson Plan for Community Helpers: Fire Fighter for a Week

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Lesson Plan and Essay: Firefighters for a Week! April 16, 2014 Lesson Plan and Essay: Firefighters for a Week! Firefighters for a Week! Within this lesson, students will learn the importance of firefighters as well as the role they withhold in the community. Students will learn what kind of equipment a firefighter uses, what type of clothes the firefighters have to wear and why they have to wear them and the huge responsibilities each firefighter has in society. Lesson Plan for Social Studies Grade K By Dorothy Goff Learning Results Students will: * Understand how important firefighters are. * Receive a classroom visit from a firefighter and observe firefighter equipment and clothing. * Learn rules of fire saftey. Planning Lesson Time 1 hour Resources and Materials * Multiple art supplies for center material. * Various books pertaining to firefighters as well as fire safety. * Charts that display rules for fire safety. * Bulletin boards that display familiar commuity helpers. * Pictures of firefighters, equipment and clothing used by them. * Firefighter costumes for students at role play center * Toys; firetrucks, equipment and hats to use at the build center. * Chart paper. * Real firefighter equipment and clothing for presentation Resources Internet Prior Activities We will begin our firefither study by placing related items in the classroom during centers available for exploring. We will conduct discussion whole group to assess prior knowledge of community helpers, firefighters and fire safety. Activities A firefighter will visit the classroom. While in the lassroom the firefighter will: * Discuss training and educatio required to be a firefighter. * Display and describe clothing and equipment used by firefighters. * Go over rules and procedures for fire safety.

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