Leslie Fay Accounting Fraud

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Leslie Fay Companies I. Key Players A. Client: The Leslie Fay Companies i. Women’s clothing manufacturer based out of NYC B. Auditors: ii. BDO Seidman * Accounting firm based out of NYC iii. Arthur Anderson * Accounting firm based out of Chicago * Was one of the “big five” C. Third Parties iv. Corporate Shareholders v. Creditors II. Background Information D. Leslie Fay Company * John Pomerantz used the skills he learned dressed the Women’s Army Corp in World War II, to create women’s apparel manufacturer Leslie Fay in 1947. * Hired Paul Polishan right out of college, as an entry level accountant, but he quickly rose through the ranks to become the company’s Chief Financial Officer. * Donald Kenia was the company controller. * John Pomerantz, Fred’s son, would take over the company and become president in 1972. * Principal customers were large department store chains, key competitors were large designers (Donna Karan, Liz Claiborne, Oscar de la Renta, etc.) * Accounting offices located 100 miles away from the company headquarters. E. Key Relationships * Polishan and Kenia: Polishan was firm, commandeering, controlling leader. While Kenia was quiet, soft-spoken, and rather take orders then give them. * John Pomerantz and Paul Polishan: Became very good friends throughout their time at the company. Soon each came to become a key management figure in the company. F. The Fraud * Pre-Recorded orders to boost revenues, failed to write off uncollectable receivables, increased inventory in-transit, ignoring discounts, failing to record expenses and liabilities. * By 1992, $130 million of bogus entries were recorded in the companies accounting records, which overstated profits by $80 million. * Accounting

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