Andy Pearson A Change of Heart

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Andy Pearson a Change of Heart Andy Pearson: A Change of Heart Andy Pearson was born in Chicago on June 3rd, 1925. He and his twin brother graduated from the University of Southern California and immediately joined the Navy at the end of World War II. After serving three years in the U.S. Navy, they enrolled in Harvard Business School where they learned critical skills that would be the foundation for their future business endeavors (Zakomurnaya, p.1). Mr. Andy Pearson had a brief stay at Standard brands before he joined the consulting firm of McKinsey & Co. He quickly rose from associate to senior director and was in charge of the firm’s marketing practice. While he was working with the company, PepsiCo recruited him to become its CEO where he later took over as the company’s president (Zakomurnaya, p.1). During Mr. Pearson’s 15 year employment with PepsiCo, he earned the distinction from Fortune magazine as being one of the “ten toughest bosses” (Dorsey p.1). His leadership style at this point in his career used weapons such as fear, surprise, and a sincere devotion to numbers: this was an effective style that drove revenues from $1 billion all the way to $8 billion (Dorsey, p.1). Pearson was once described as “brutally abrasive” because of the relentless demands that he bestowed upon people. He once had a meeting with a company manager that had previously agreed to increase his unit’s business by 12% that year. The year was up and the manager was extremely pleased with his work because not only did he meet the goal, he had surpassed it by 3% and was ready for congratulations. Instead, Pearson let the manager know that the market was growing at an even faster rate and he had better improve his performance or face the consequences. Every year with the company, Mr. Pearson fired anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of the least

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