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Case Study Series: What’s Working in Marketing & Selling Professional Services Crisis Averted: Proactive Sales Effort Stops Training Organization’s Revenue Loss By M. Sharon Baker Overview When Tony Jace took over in March 2009 as chief executive officer of Crisis Prevention Institute, he was looking forward to continuing the organization’s 28 consecutive years of revenue growth. But he quickly learned that the previous management team hoped to grow revenues by entering into new markets and had invested heavily to do so. And that plan was failing. The Wisconsin-based crisis training organization was facing a revenue decline of several hundred thousand dollars for the year and Jace needed to act quickly. Situation Jace knew achieving a 29th year of revenue growth in a very uncertain economic climate would be tough. Crisis Prevention Institute provides violence prevention…show more content…
CPI’s revenues continue to be strong in 2010. Jace expects to grow revenues 9 percent in 2010, a figure that would bring CPI’s annual revenue increasing streak to 30 years. Additional Insight by Crisis Prevention’s Tony Jace 1) A personal touch really pays off and helps set you apart from your competitors, Jace says. Customers really remember your efforts. CPI found these personal connections gave them needed insight to their customer’s problems and helped them rebuild their pipelines. 2) Be proactive. By taking a leadership role in the training industry, CPI was well positioned to help their clients learn about new sources of funding as well as keep abreast of the latest legislation. This outreach led to unexpected benefits: web sites and bloggers began writing about their efforts, which in turn increased their web site traffic. 3) Make sure you build upon your successes. The company noticed such great success after top executives met customers in person that they added travel funds this year to send salespeople into the field on a regular

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