Quik Trip Corporation

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This case focuses on QuikTrip Corporation, a chain of nearly 600 privately held convenience stores. Led by Chester Cadieux, QuikTrip seeks to be the dominant convenience/gasoline retailer in each market in which it operates. With over 10,000 employees, QuikTrip has been recognized for nine consecutive years by Fortune magazine as one of the “Best Companies to Work For.” This esteemed position has been achieved through hiring people who like people, and by emphasizing the importance of the employees and the ‘human touch’ in QuikTrip’s success. QuikTrip considers its employees to be a “living brand and [the company] devote[s] a great deal of time and energy to training and developing them so that they reflect the brand’s core values.” By examining Cadieux’s management/leadership perspective, QuikTrip’s personnel practices, and the employees’ characteristics, one can begin to understand the roles played by values, attitudes, and emotions in the work behavior exhibited at QuikTrip. 1. How would you describe the attitudes and emotions of the typical QuikTrip employee? How do these attitudes and emotions influence the employees’ work behaviors? According the company’s growth, being recognized for by Fortune magazine for nine consecutive years as the best companies to work for, the time that the company invests in training and emphasizing the importance of its employees, I would say that this company has employees with positive attitudes, emotions and work ethic. And it seems that with so much time devoted to training and hiring people who like people that the company’s core values can somewhat be instilled within the person rather easily. 2. How would you describe the attitudes of Chester Cadieux regarding QuikTrip’s employees? What implications do Cadieux’s attitudes have for how he manages the company and leads the employees? Chester’s attitude

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