Les Miserables Analysis

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“Les Miserables” Analysis Someone once said, “There is a way of falling into error while on the way to truth.” In other words, doing something wrong can allow people to see what is right. In “Les Miserables”, Inspector Javert’s only motive is to arrest Jean Valjean for being a convict. Jean soon became a new man as he had promised. There is also a group of republicans who fought for what they believed in, but failed. These scenes in the movie best exemplify the quotation to be true since the characters seek truth but faced conflict. Inspector Javert searched for Jean by doing whatever it took, only to realize that what he believed in was not always true. Javert’s belief is that no one ever changes. He believes that if Jean was once a convict, he will always be one. What he did not realize was that people could change. Javert looked for Jean and thought that the only way to make things right was for Jean to be arrested. He looked for the real Jean Valjean and he did not stop until he found him. When he learned that the mayor of Vigau was “the real Valjean”, his life’s goal was to take him in. While he was looking for Jean, he saw that the right thing to do was not to arrest him, but to come to realization that he had changed. However, in Javert’s mind, the right thing to do was to arrest Valjean for being the convict that he is. But what Javert had to understand was that people really could change. You just have to look harder. Searching for something that seems to be the “truth” can cause blindness on what is the “real” truth. Javert couldn’t see what was real and because of that, he killed himself at the end of the movie. He talked about breaking rules and how he believed Jean should have be arrested, or killed for that matter. He soon realized that he, himself, has broken a rule. He could not see that Jean has changed. Swallowed by the thought of his own
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