Lesson Before Dying Reflection

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A Lesson Before Dying After watching A Lesson Before Dying I have gained a new perspective on life. At the beginning of the movie Jefferson was on his way to fish when two of his friends saw him. They talked him into going with them to get liquor. When Jefferson’s friends convinced him to come along I made the connection that his friends represented the devil. For example, Jefferson at first told them no, but he eventually went with them. I believe that the devil will convince you into doing something that you do not want to do. The only way that Jefferson could have overcome the presence of the devil is to have a strong presence of the Lord in his life. Once Jefferson was on trial for a crime that he did not commit his lawyer kept referring…show more content…
Grant gave Jefferson a radio so that he could have something to listen to. The Reverend told Mr. Grant to take the radio from him because every time he would come to visit Jefferson, all Jefferson wanted to do was listen to the radio and not talk to the Reverend. Mr. Grant said that Jefferson needed something that he could call his own because everything that he has ever had in his life was taken from him. I think that if you have God in your life no one can take that from you. What is in your heart and mind is solely yours. When Jefferson’s family went to visit him in the day room the guard brought Jefferson in shackles as if he was an animal. This still happens today in the prison systems. Also, in everyday life people treat others as if they are animals. Whether it is the way they talk to someone or physically treat them. In God’s eye we are all equal. This would only mean that we should all treat others equally no matter where they are from or what ethnicity they are. At the end of the movie Jefferson writes the words, “Man walks on two feet, and hogs walk on four feet.” It was good to see that he finally saw that he was a man and not a hog. Jefferson asks Mr. Grant what is heaven like, and Mr. Grant says that it is a place of no pain or sorrow. If only earth could be more like heaven. Then we would not have any fighting, people would be treated equally, and there would not be any
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