Canterbary Tales Comparison: the Doctor as a Judge

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Canterbury Tales Political Project: The Doctor for District Judge The tale the doctor chooses to tell is grim, and more than anything, depressing. He changes the theme of the tales from comedy to realism, possibly to show the harsh truth of the world around the pilgrims. The other pilgrims prior to the doctor had told narratives that were unconventional, but still contained some good-naturedness or comical acts. However, this was not the case for the doctor. It was evident that he wanted to pass off the message that the real world is not simply fun and games, and that “shite” happens. Life is not all butterflies and rainbows, there are cruel realities and one must know how to deal when facing those circumstances. In his political campaign, the doctor will run for district judge. As judge, he will seek the truth, display how the world works, and hold criminals accountable for their actions. One of the most prevalent themes seen in the doctor’s tale is that of deception. The judge in the tale, Appius, is a lying, greedy official, that warps the system for his own personal gain. When the doctor is judge, he will abide by the rules set forth. His goal would be to seek the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Appius did not care about the truth of a case that passed through his courthouse. Not only did he allow a completely untrue case to be tried by the false churl, he asked for it to occur. The doctor shows that he does not approve of this occurrence by the fate of that judge, who is thrown in jail and later kills himself. This being said, finding justice would be the most important factor in his role as a judge. Many folks do not realize how difficult life can be out in the world. They live day by day, skating by without paying for the things that they do. Some of those people are handed everything in life. Others do not have it that easy, and must face
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