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Running Head: LOWER LEGAL DRINKING AGE Lowering the Legal Drinking Age July 12, 2009 The drinking age is a complex issue that needs to be addressed. The legal drinking age has fluctuated variously throughout the last thirty years changing from twenty-one to eighteen and then back to twenty-one again. Many people would say that the current age is fine because the later in life a person can drink the later they can drink and drive. As this is true there might be a better solution to the problem. The legal drinking age should be lowered from twenty-one years old to eighteen years old because the United States has the highest legal age in the world, eighteen year old soldiers…show more content…
This is one that has been debated upon for many years. At one time in the 1970’s the legal age to purchase alcohol was lowered to 18 in a few states, but was raised back to twenty-one for a rather disturbing reason. The number one reason that states raised the legal drinking age back to twenty one was because in 1984 federal law decrees that if a state picked anything less than twenty-one as its legal drinking age it would lose ten percent of its federal highway funds (Wilkinson, 2008). This is a manipulative way of getting the legal age changed without having to have a heated debate. Of course the states immediately changed the legal age back to twenty-one, had the age not been changed the state would have lost a considerable amount of highway funding. There are actually many legislative people that would rather the legal drinking age be eighteen years old, but these people choose to stay quiet because of the consequences of having the highway funds taken…show more content…
People can fight and die for America, but can’t drink. Americans go to other countries and drink at the age of eighteen, and come back home and wonder why Americans have to be different. Parents worry about children drinking and driving, if parents had the chance to teach kids the proper responsibility maybe there would be less need for concern. It’s time to take action lower the legal drinking age, and stand up for what you believe in. References 21-year-old drinking age unfair. (n.d.). USA Today, Retrieved July 8, 2009, from Academic Search Premier database. Alcohol: Problems and Solutions. (n.d.) Retrieved July 8,2009. From Dart, J. (2008, September 23). College presidents ask public to rethink drinking age. Christian Century, 125(19), 16-16. Retrieved July8, 2009, from Academic Search Premier database. Tamura, E. (1992, September). Should the minimum drinking age be changed?. Social Studies, 83(5), 201. Retrieved July 8, 2009, from Professional Development Collection database. Wilkinson, W. (2008, September 29). Bottoms Up!. Forbes, 182(5), 28-28. Retrieved July 8, 2009, from MasterFILE Premier

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