Learning Style Essay

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Running Head: RUNNING STYLES TESTS How Learning Styles are used in Higher Education Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Learning styles incorporate various methods used the dissemination of knowledge and skills mostly in an education setting. Supporters of learning styles have suggested that learners require an interactive approach to learning, one that suits their style of learning. Therefore, teachers should adopt teaching practices that are in line with the needs of the student within the social, cultural and emotional precincts of the learners. It is therefore important to make learning as individual as possible (Kolbs, 1984). With regard to this, several theories have come up since the 1970s explaining different approaches to learning. They include Multiple Intelligence theory by Howard Gardner, Kolb’s experiential learning theory, Honey and Munford’s model and Antony Gregorcs model. David Kolb’s experiential theory suggests that an individual learn through interaction with his surrounding environment. Accordingly, it focuses on an individual and the role played by social interactions in learning. With regard to this, David and Roger (1975) point out four learning abilities that individuals can possess and which determines the learning style(s) that such individuals posses. David Kolb came up with four different learning styles based on the experiential learning theory higher learning setting. This theory was based on concrete experience which emphasized on learning as interplay between an individual and the society. Learning accordingly, centers on an individuals feelings as well as identity constructions rather than logic. On the other hand, abstract conceptualization centered on logic and analytical thinking primarily generate of ideas and theories which is
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