Leadership Styles Sam Walton and Walt Disney

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Leadership Styles of Walt Disney and Sam Walton Walt Disney and Sam Walton were both business men who founded their own companies and were successful, but they seemed to get to the top in different ways. Walt Disney was the founder and creator of the brand known today as Disney. He took simple ideas and brought to life in a way that everyone could appreciate starting at an early age. His creativity or openness-to-experience brought stories and ideas to life. With quotes like, “I can never stand still. I must explore and experiment” (The Walt Disney model, 2012). His assertive manner kept his employees seeking perfection, and his realism sought out conscientious practicality. He may not have always been the easiest boss, but he tried and was great at what he did which was proven very successful. Walt was unlike Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart. Walton was more of an extravert, a down to earth guy, who pursued the opinions of others including his employees. His toned leadership styles led him to success as well. He looked to his competitors to learn from yet doing it in way that would represent him. One of his mottos was a “happy employee means happy customers” (Sam Walton’s Success Secret as Leaders Figure Of Wal-Mart, 2010). While both Disney and Walton were creative in there niches and assertive to achieve goals, they had different charisma and “understood and embraced the process of change” (Walt Disney, 2009). Walt Disney Background Walter “Walt” Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago Illinois. Walt was one of five children. He lived most of his childhood in Marceline, Missouri. Walt took an interest in drawing and art at an early age and while in high school at McKinley High School in Chicago he participated in photography and the school newspaper. It was during these years that Walt discovered his first movie house on Marceline's Main

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