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Unit 11: NLP Disney Strategy Lesson 1: What is the Disney Strategy? It is likely that most of the world knows who Walt Disney is. Shanghainese certainly do as they wait and anticipate the opening of Shanghai Disney Land. Walter Elias Disney is a legend in his time (someone who is famous while yet alive), His simple, yet appealing animated characters make him popular with all age groups. People thought his dreams were flights of fancy (Not practical for real life), but he took those dreams and made them a reality. NLP modelers used Disney to model for his creative genius. What was the difference that made the difference? He was able to look at things from different perceptual positions. The comment was once made that- “There were three different Walts; the dreamer, the realist and the spoiler. You never knew which one was coming into your meeting. “ (1) It was this ability that made him a creative genius, and as we know, NLP’ers wrote down his strategy so others could increase their creativity also. Modelers followed him around for several days writing down every movement , word and gesture until the program he used was fully recorded and understood, Walt’s’ creativity included a process called story boarding. It is used by animators of every cartoon. He learned how to make a big picture then chunk it down into smaller bits until the smallest bit; an individual movie frame began its creation. He would first dream a big dream and draw a few pictures to represent it. Next he would take these big chunks and break them into smaller parts by adding what comes next. Finally he would break that into even smaller parts adding what came in between the larger pieces. Disney would literally chunk his dream down into pieces, and it worked. (2) Disney once said, “The story-man must see clearly in his own mind how every piece of business in a story will be put.

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