Interview with Walt & Roy Disney

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Interview with Walt & Roy Disney Concept: The twenties was a time of change for just about the entire population. You had women smoking in public, makeup, the Charleston, and dance marathons. It was during this time that radio became affordable and became the entertainment in the living room. People became involved in listening to the baseball games and the announcers talking about Babe Ruth. In the business side of things, credit or buying on time became popular. Business seemed to be growing quickly with no end in sight. The written word was being set aside by the film industry. From silent films and slapstick comedies to the magic of animation, by the end of the decade over 100 million viewers attended movie houses each week, more than the number of weekly churchgoers (US History, 2013). Walt Disney was an artist, animator, cartoonist and dreamer. From an early age Walt drew and painted pictures which he then went out and sold to his neighbors (Walt Disney Biography, 2013). Perhaps it was Walt Disney’s upbringing, perhaps not. But Walt Disney was cultivating a unique reality that families want to spend time in. It is a testament to the strength of his talents and dreams that it has prospered over his creations of Steamboat Willie and Silly Symphonies, after his distributor Margaret Winkler and her husband, Charles Mintz, had stolen the rights to Oswald, along with all of Disney’s animators, except for Ub Eert Iwerks (Walt Disney Biography, 2013). Who were the key players in Disney’s success? Speakers: Reporter, Walt Disney, Roy Disney, Jack Wilson Introduction by reporter: Good evening. Americans recently have been making changes in their choice of entertainment. I'm Renita Manning and you're listening to Entertainment News at Ten. Tonight we'll be talking about the movement in films. To better understand these events, we'll talk with Walter Elias

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