Leadership Interview Essay

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Leadership Interview
Danielle Johnson
June 3rd, 2013
Rachel Gonzales

Leadership Interview
According to Sullivan (2013), “a leader is anyone who uses interpersonal skills to influence others to accomplish a specific goal” (p. 41). In today’s health care field, leadership can be used in many roles from charge nurse to nurse manager to unit director. Different nursing backgrounds, personalities, and personal philosophy of leadership can affect how someone will interpret the term “leadership.”
Background/Role Today An interview was done with the Director of Nursing, Dawn, at a local community college. Her background consisted of completing her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing in 1998, and she has since been in a nursing role for the past 15 years. She has worked in urban and rural hospital settings in a variety of roles, including staff nurses, supervisory/administrative, and education. She does have some experience in long term care and home care prior to her acute care positions. These roles provided her with a variety of experiences, allowing exploration, and investigation in the realm of nursing in many environments.
Since 2006, Dawn has worked as a Director of Nursing in an education position, which has been a fun and challenging role within the nursing profession. She has completed a Master’s in Business Administration, and another Master’s with two majors – Master’s in Business Management and Healthcare management. She is currently finishing her PhD in Nursing. She has learned that the foundations taught to a nursing student sets the stage for a life in the profession, not only with the skills that nurses do each day, but also with the example and expectation to demonstrate respectful interaction, responsibility, and dedication to the job we do as nurses.
Description of a Leader
Dawn went on to describe a leader as a person

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