Registered Nurse Essay

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Registered Nurse
The career I chose was a registered nurse which is part of the Health Science field. I became interested in this field when I entered high school. My sister influenced this in a way because she is an RN. She showed me all the interesting things they had learned and got to do. Also when I was in the hospital I saw what the nurses did and I thought it was pretty interesting. After all this I decided this was something I knew I wanted to do.
Nurses have many daily activities that they must follow in order to perform their duties. The activities or roles the registered nurse may change depending on the day or the patient. All nurses have a scope of practice they must follow but depending on the patient will tell them what procedures to perform. Some roles that RNs are responsible for are developing nursing plans, instructing patients or their family members how to properly take care of the ill, providing direct patient care, and also teaching in nursing programs. The direct patient care is when they examine the patient and record signs, symptoms, temperature, height, weight, and any other problems. (Daily Activities).
Most nurses usually work in healthcare facilities unless they are home health care providers such as school nurses or for the elderly. RNs are mostly found in the healthcare facilities such as hospitals or doctors’ offices. Taking on this job requires a lot of standing, walking, and sitting for hours on end. The RNs must be able to handle stressful situations because they never know what they will see in the work area. The nurse could go from something small to seeing blood everywhere from an emergency that just occurred. By the RN being able to cope with the stress this allows the patient to also stay calm in the situation. The schedule for a RN can vary anywhere from nights, days, and even holidays. Some RNs are on call which means

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