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1. How did you prepare to be a successful leader?
I prepared by having good role models to guide me and by reading. One of my mentors suggested I read the book The Leadership Challenge, by James Posner. In it, I saw how applicable it was to be a successful exemplary leader.

2. Was there anything in your experience or education that you believe was especially useful in preparing you?
After having an associate’s degree in nursing and working for a few years I studied for a master’s in nursing administration and leadership. It was through these classes and conferences that I got to meet with leaders and focus on outcomes, and initiatives such as retention. The passion and expertise of these leaders as well the conversations I had with them not only, I believe, made me a better leader in practice but they serve as motivation for what I can achieve.

3. Lessons learned that have helped you grow as a leader.
I’ve learned to listen attentively to what someone else is saying. I’ve learned to talk less and listen more and learning to do that has been a great growing pain. I’ve also learned the importance of staying current in both practice and happenings within various health facilities. You should always be networking. The field is competitive and need to stay up to date. I’ve come to value the importance of having mentors. I have had great mentors that have given both positive and negative feedback. I’ve worked at the bedside so long hat I have this feeling of what the nurse goes through and I understand it from her perspective as well as administrative perspective. The best way to lead is to show, so being able to relate to the staff.

4. Describe the people in your life who have mentored you.
One of my mentors, Dr. Barb Sorbel, from early she was influential. . Even after I left, she encouraged me to do the master’s program. And when I did research, she

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