Leadership in Students Essay

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LEADERSHIP RESEARCH: EXPECTED TO BE “LEADERS OF TOMORROW” – WORKING AS “LEADERS OF TODAY”: A STUDY OF STUDENTS’ LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT IN HIGHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUITIONS IN GHANA CASE STUDY (PENTECOST UNIVERSITY SRC) Introduction Leadership development in students is considered a priority at contemporary institutions of higher education (Astin & Astin, 2000; Boatman, 1999; Roberts, 2003b). Leadership entails how people harness their individual experiences, talents, skills and abilities and use them to serve in different positions in their organizations or institutions. Leadership education has been found to have a positive effect on students' character development (Astin & Antonio, 2004) and values (Cress, Astin, Burkhardt, & Zimmerman-Oster, 2001). Universities provide students with both formal and informal ways of training by establishing clubs, societies, organizations and other leadership groupings. These groups invariably provide students with the opportunities to lead and showcase their passion to help others around them. Eventually they prepare them for the future while adding to their interpersonal skills. This research explores student’s sources of pre-exposure to leadership principles and practices, motivational factors and what certain specific leadership roles generally entail. It also seeks to extract the challenges of taking up leadership roles and opportunities they provide for future leadership positions. BACKGROUND PENTECOST UNIVERSITY STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL (SRC) The SRC traces its history to the year 2005 when the first set of students admitted into the University College saw the need to have students’ leadership to champion the course of students between the student body and administration and those outside the University Community. The first set of executives were appointed from all the

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