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Running head: Laws of Influence Laws of Influence Nicole Williams AGMBA0509E LDR/531 University of Phoenix Dennis Stroud August 29, 2009 Laws of Influence To lead people is an enormous task. Many people lead without wondering about how effective of a leader they are. I want to lead with great leadership effectiveness. Leadership is defined as the process of directing the behavior of others toward the accomplishment of some objective. John C. Maxwell has challenged me with the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership. He was asked how he was going to develop personal growth. I asked myself the same thing. Of course, time will tell, but I will start building. The law of Process means that in order to become great leaders it…show more content…
There are no greater leaders that are made in one day. Skills have to be “compounded.” The author gives the example of Anne Scheiber who worked for the IRS. She did not make much money but she was thrifty. She studied and did research in the stock market. She had patience and perseverance. Anne kept the stocks whether it went up or down. The author wants us to see that Ms. Anne buildsand continually built on her knowledge of this stock. In order to become a good leader do not think it will happen tomorrow. The law of Process tells us that leadership is a lifelong process of discovering facts and growing as an individual. This law has five phases. Phase one- Don’t know what I don’t know; To become a better leader you have to seekout knowledge. Attending seminars, conferences, learning from others will help in the growth process Phase two- I know that I need to know: To better grow, I believe this phase means that there is a lot of knowledge and experience to be discovered. Recognize that and pursue opportunities to gain knowledge and experience. Phase three- I know what I don’t know: Good leaders need to gain personal growth. They seek ways to further their own…show more content…
In the 21 Irrefutable laws of leadership we are introduced to two captains, Amundsen and Scott. The two men wanted to go to the North Pole. Someone had made it there so the men decided to go to the other end. First Amundsen planned his journey; he paid attention to every detail, and took in account for mishaps that could arise for every step of the way. He saw the whole trip aheadof time. Scott did not consider or plan for mishaps. The equipment was not up to standard and the supplies were gone through excessively soon. Scott’s journey was failing. Scott did not have insight in to the trip. Unfortunately being a leader can meanwhen you fail the followers fail too. Amundsen’s team died because of the lack of planning. The Law of Navigation tells us that when we lead people we have to plan and do research of our destination, because not only we want to be successful but we have the lives of our followers to be mindful

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