Mgt/426 Week 4 Article Review

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Article Review MGT/426 Article Review Learning Organizations are essential in helping a business operate efficiently. When an organization learns collectively they acquire knowledge and innovate faster, which will help them survive and thrive in a rapidly changing environment. When companies establish a learning organization, it creates a culture that supports and encourages employee learning, risk taking with new ideas and critical thinking. Organizations that promote learning allow employees to make mistakes and learning from your mistakes is part of the learning process. Learn from the experience, experiment and come up with the best solution. For employees to learn they need to be informed by distributing new knowledge throughout the organization and incorporating it into daily activities. Here we will summarize an article that talks about learning organizations; summarize the author’s conclusion and/or recommendation; summarize my conclusion; lastly, we will summarize how the concept in the article applies to my organization. Summary of Article In the article of 5 Keys to Building a Learning Organization, Mr. Bersin talks about the key notes in building a learning organization. He first starts…show more content…
In the article he talked about five key points that help in cultivating an environment where learning occurs. He concludes by saying that there are many methods to build a learning organization but first the organization needs to build an environment that accepts wanting to learn. Bersin (2012) believes that if a company builds a culture which gives employees time to reflect, develop and share expertise, and learn from mistakes then they will be able to out-compete their competition in the face of huge market change. He finishes off by using Apple, IBM, and Google as an example of how building expertise and promoting organizational learning helps an
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