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Curriculum Framework Project Kaydee Short LDG 634 Spring 2012 Subject: Grade: Unit: Length: Current Week:____________ Plan Pacing/ Standard | I Can Statement/Learning Target Type | Assessment Type’s | Differentiation | Technology | 21st Century Skill | Resources | Teachers Notes | Day 1Standard:Instructional Activities: | | | | | | | | Day 2Standard:Instructional Activities: | | | | | | | | Day 3Standard:Instructional Activities: | | | | | | | | Day 4Standard:Instructional Activities: | | | | | | | | Day 5:Standard:Instructional Activities: | | | | | | | | When creating this template I used my current weekly lesson plan template as a guide. This template…show more content…
There are two different types of assessment, assessment for learning and assessment of learning. Assessment for learning is used to inform and guide instruction as well as diagnosis any misconceptions a student may have. Assessment of learning is used after the learning has already occurred to determine the level of understanding the student has achieved and to see if they have mastery of the standard. Within this component teachers can indicate which type of assessment they will use to guide instruction whether it be a pencil/paper test or assessing students using 21st century skills. Differentiation: When providing differentiation in the classroom the teachers provide instruction to meet or exceed each individual student. Differentiation does not mean you are watering down the content it means that you are providing instruction based on the different learning styles in your classroom. When implementing differentiation in the classroom it has to be organized and planned out if its not it will not be successful. Having this component assures that the teacher is organized and prepared for this unit.

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