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Marcus Harrison Professor Lee WRC 1013 Green 19, September 2012 The Tomboy Lauren Lowry was born in San Antonio on December 10, 1993. This eighteen year old young lady was born into a Christian family. She is the youngest and only girl with three older brothers; Chris, Andy, and Jonathan. Lowry has grown up with both parents, Mike and Donna, but they were not married. Ms. Lowry attended and graduated from Sandra Day O’Connor High School. Lowry works two jobs; she is a cashier at HEB, where she has worked for almost two and a half years, and she recently received a job this summer as a coach in gymnastics working for United Gymnastic. This is also the gym where she was previously a gymnast. Being in a family of mostly boys, Ms. Lowry’s grew accustom to doing athletic and “boyish” things. Lowry’s hobbies are working out,…show more content…
When asked what about her other family members, she said that she hardly talks to her other brothers. But they do go on vacation in the summer. Their recent vacation was in New Orleans Louisiana, but Ms. Lowry’s experience was anything but pleasant. She said, “New Orleans is nasty and dirty, the air is very humid, and it rained almost every day.” We were assigned an article to read titled “Shitty First Draft.” When Ms. Lowry was asked what her thought was as to what is the purpose of the article, she said, “When writing a paper, don’t expect your first attempt to be perfect, you should proof read your paper at least three times. Even then, it won’t be perfect, just better than the first time you wrote it. Lauren Lowry is not your average girl. She enjoys going to the gym and loves watching sports, especially the NFL. This New York Giants fan dreams of becoming a news reporter for ESPN. When and if she achieves this goal, her success and her drive to be the best at what she does will make her well known and very influential in

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