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Queen Anne Stuart She was born on February 6, 1665 to the Duke and Duchess of York, she was the second daughter out of three children. Her name is Anne Stuart. Her uncle, King Charles II, married and obviously wanting to have a big family, after several illegitimate children. But he had no blood children of his own. As Anne began maturing, she developed numerous health issues, but unlike some children from that time, she survived to her adulthood. She may have suffered from the blood disease, porphyria, as well as having poor vision and a serious case of smallpox at the age of twelve. Poor health would plague Anne her entire life, probably contributing to her many miscarriages. Only receiving a limited education, her reign became a critically important period in the nation’s history. During her reign she will oversee two major events, one domestic and one foreign. One being the Act of Union that united England and Scotland. The…show more content…
Their father, the Duke of York, had wanted to wed Mary to the heir to the French throne, a Roman Catholic, Danby persuaded by the King to allow the marriage to William, a George of Denmark. This was an arrangement Anne’s father negotiated in secret with sponsorship by King Louis XIV of France, who hoped for a Anglo-Danish alliance against William of Orange and the Dutch. No such alliance would ever materialize. Her husband did not affect Anne’s position as he remained politically weak and inactive, suffering from a drinking problem. Prince George’s influence in matters of state would remain small throughout their marriage. The relationship he had with Anne was a close one and she loved him deeply, however, their marriage was saddened by Anne’s twelve miscarriages and the fact that none of their other five children reached

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