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Nelle Harper Lee was born on April 28, 1926 in Monroeville, Alabama. She is best known for her best seller, To Kill a Mockingbird which was published in 1959. Surprisingly, it is her one and only book that has ever been published but it is popular because of the racial message that it has. The book is similar to her childhood where she incorporated friends and family into characters for her story. Lee came from a family of four children. Her father was a lawyer while her mother suffered from an illness. Her best friend was Truman Capote, whom would turn out to be an aspiring writer also and would both work together on a piece. Lee became interested in writing when she was in high school and when she graduated she attended the all-female Huntingdon College in Montgomery. She focused on her school work and was a member of the literary honor society and glee club. She transferred to the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa and became the editor of the Rammer Jammer. During her junior year, Lee attended law school and was forced to leave her position as editor but she soon realized that her calling was writing and dropped out to move to New York City to pursue her dreams.…show more content…
They encouraged her to devote herself to writing and on Christmas they presented her with a year’s salary. Lee quit her job and wrote full time, and with the help of her friends she published To Kill a Mockingbird. Later on that year, she greatly assisted Capote with the research and writing of the book, In Cold Blood. Capote dedicated the book to Lee and his lover but did not mention her contributions to writing the book. Although Lee was very hurt and angry, she continued to remain close friends with him because of everything they had been through. Besides, her book was a success because of
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