Lakshamana analysis in the Ramayana

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Beginning with the introduction of Lakshmana, throughout the entire epic, and till the very end, Lakshmana is forever destined to be Rama’s best friend and guardian. His grand emotional entrance and his passionate display of justice, creates an image of a strong warrior who will fight to the death in order to protect his loved ones. We can therefore conclude that Lakshmana is of the Kshatriya (warrior) class of the caste system. His nobleness and bravery are seen in the following description, “He picked up his sword and bow, put on his battle dress, and aggressively roamed the streets swearing, ‘Rama shall be crowned, and whoever comes in my way will be annihilated. Let the whole world come, I’ll destroy everyone who opposes, and pile up their carcasses sky high. I’ll seize the crown and will not rest until I place it upon Rama’s head. This I’ll achieve this very day, this very day.’ Seeing his fiery eyes and hearing his stentorian challenges, people withdrew from his proximity (pg. 54).” Lakshmana then further declares the ideals and values of his bloodline by stating, “I know of no father or no mother, other than you. You are everything to me. And there is no meaning in my existence and in the possession of my limbs and sense intact, unless I establish you on the throne as your right, irrespective of what a female serpent has tried to do. My blood boils and will not calm down-you will now see what my bow can do...(pg. 55).” With Lakshmana’s declaration of devotion, his role and purpose in the story are therefore understood to have no place unless beside Rama. However, upon hearing Lakshmana’s virtuosity, Rama is honored but also perturbed by the rashness and anger of Lakshmana’s words. Sensing flaws in this way of thinking, he immediately calms Lakshamana down before he performs any irrational actions. Rama states, “Do you want to let your anger rage until you
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