Lady Diana, Princess of Hearts

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Memorandum Leader: Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales Sixteen years ago, the world watched, enchanted, as Lady Diana Spencer, a young and beautiful schoolteacher from Northampton, married the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles. Royalty experts proclaimed a new age for the British Monarchy, long dying in outdated traditions and populated by gray and lifeless personages. For several years, their predictions were correct. Princess Diana, with her aristocratic beauty and spunky approach to her role as the future queen of England, brought new life to the Monarchy. People around the world watched in delight as the young Princess attended to her official duties with grace and style that stood in marked contrast to the formal, political correct approach of other members of the royal family. Overnight it seemed that the British Monarchy had been brought from a stiff and formal 19th century leftover to a photogenic and accessible 20th century institution. When the marriage between Diana and Charles began to show some cracks, their conflicts were widely reported in the media. By the early 90's, a long anticipated separation was made public and in August 1996 the marriage ended in divorce. While remaining a loving and supportive mother to her two sons, William and Harry, Diana defended a number of charitable causes, including AIDS awareness and homelessness. She focused attention on the worldwide menace of land mines. Diana also spoke with surprising honesty about her own personal struggles with bulimia and suicide, giving individuals struggling with these issues a role model of openness and honesty. Princess Diana used her media popularity to bring attention to the needs of the forgotten and needy of the world. On August 31, 1997, demand for pictures of Diana was at an all time high. A candid and revealing shot of Diana could fetch hundreds of thousands

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