Stuart a Life Backwards Comparision with Once in a House on Fire

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Discuss the presentation of Stuart’s character in chapters 1-5 go on to also compare Andrea’s character to Stuart’s Stuart’s character is portrayed in the biography as an intelligent individual. Stuart wanted to make the book different so people would actually read it so his concept was to, ‘write it backwards’, this shows imagination and a clever way of thinking. Stuart’s specialised knowledge of the legal system and the institutions within them made Stuart very valuable for the release of the outreach workers. He pointed out inmates have ‘two boxes. One in possession and one in reception’ when someone suggested sending Ruth and John lots of books to keep them occupied, eventually they came up with the right strategy for their campaign with the help of Stuart’s knowledge of the prison system. In certain areas that played a big part of Stuart’s life also shows Stuart’s intelligence as he ‘reels off the names of his medication like a classics scholar’. He can retain the complicated names of his medicine without a problem, ‘Zopliclye what calms you’, and ‘Melarill and Amitriptyline’ which makes him look like he has experience in the medical profession. Intelligence is a key characteristic of Andrea in Once in a House on Fire. She left high school with brilliant grades in her O levels; to be precise ‘Six As, two Bs and a C’ this shows her academic achievements. In addition, her intelligence is recognised by Oxford University as she gets accepted a place which is revealed when her mother says ‘You’re in!’ Stuart’s child-like character manner is apparent throughout the whole story. The regular use of the conjunction ‘and’ is an example of Stuart’s child-like speech, ‘Linda and John and Ruth and Wynn’. Just like a child would process things they see on movies to be the same in reality Stuart describes an office with a ‘Good-looking bird’. This is the stereotypical

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