La Ciramela Story

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Human Services La Ciramela is a story telling the importance of family in the society. The story involves a particular family from Italy who had immigrated to live in America (Mazer, 1993). The family constitute of the father, Nicole, the wife, and their three daughters, who were born in America (Mazer, 1993). The story builds up when the father develops a strong urge to build a ciramella, which would be his epitome of memories from his hometown during the Christmas period. Nicole, the father, had remembered an instrument that looked like a bagpipe, which he used to play when young. Unfortunately, according to the story, Nicole could not remember how the “bagpipe” instrument would be built. In the quest to build the instrument, Nicole had to know how to make the instrument (Mazer, 1993). After struggling and failing to make the instrument owing to lack of skills, Nicole decided to write a letter to his father in order to inquire on how he could make the ciramella. The family having lived in America during the American Great Depression, it is clear that the family was ravaging in poverty and poor education. In fact, Nicole had to be assisted on how to write the letter to his father by the wife because he had no knowledge of how to write one (Mazer, 1993). In abundance desire to share his memories, Nicole found it valuable to invite some of his friends who could dine and share memories together with is his family (Mazer, 1993). Nicole valued his friends as his family, which helps the story buttress the importance of family (Mazer, 1993). According to the story, it is unfortunate that the dog found the goatskin and ate it up making it hard to build the ciramella (Mazer, 1993). Nicole decided to order more goatskin to make another ciramella instrument (Mazer, 1993). Things got worse when the second ciramella started to rot from the inside, which, as a result,

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