Lincoln's Taking Sides: Questions And Answers

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Questions 1a)Throughout this book Lincoln finds himself feeling alienated from the other cultures in his school, Columbus, and wishing he could be back within the safe and comfortable enclose of his old school, Franklin. Some issues are discrimination, prejudice, and alienation and in Taking Sides Lincoln begins to understand them and even overcome them. On page seven Lincoln says “ he missed his old school and it’s mural of brown, black and yellow kids linking arms in friendship.” I think this is a good example of alienation because he is feeling like he belonged at Franklin, his old school, more than Columbus, his new school. A good example of prejudice and discrimination is when Lincoln finds out the reason his coach, Yesuits, is always so mean and nasty towards him. Roy, Lincoln’s mom’s boyfriend, tells him a story about his coach in high school. “Anyhow one of our guys, Frankie pineada, who was a real bad mouth at the time, pushed Yesuits and Yesuits was stupid enough to push back. That’s when the fireworks happened. Frankie busted him in the face. He was kicked out of school for a week.”…show more content…
I think it takes a lot of courage to move to a different town and this is also something I can relate to because when I moved to McKinney from Tulsa Oklahoma I felt a little alone except for my family. Of course from Lincoln’s view of the situation it must be very different because he is surrounded by different cultures around him and was even separated from his best friend. Lincoln’s determination shows throughout taking side when he is determined to not give up or slack off because of a hurt to that causes him lots of pain. “I hurt my toe……” Lincoln tried to explain,” poor boy hurt his itsy bitsy toe.” Coach Yesuits said sarcastically. Lincoln feels irritated with him but is determined to stick it out and work hard at practice to do his best. I think he has many great qualities but these are the ones I admire

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