Know How to Recognise Signs of Abuse.

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Learning outcome 1 Know how to recognise signs of abuse. Physical abuse Physical abuse can vary from hitting to biting to force feeding or causing physical harm to the service user. Signs and symptoms of physical abuse can be finger print bruises on the arms or legs or bruises under their arms from when they have been drag lifted out of a chair or bed, force feeding a service user may lead to not wanting to eat or their lip may start to rip from being force fed. Bite marks is also a sign of physical abuse. Factors that can contribute to an individual being more vulnerable to physical abuse may be that the service user cannot communicate verbally and also the service user may re-in act the physical abuse on other service users. Sexual abuse Some examples of sexual abuse could be forcing a service use to take part in any sexual activity against their will or watching sexual activities, this could be in the internet. Signs and symptoms of sexual abuse may be that the service user tries to perform some of the sexual acts on other service users or members of staff or even in the public. The service user may be bleeding from the vagina or rectum. Service users who have been sexually abused may start to self harm. factors contributing to an individual being more vulnerable to sexual abuse may include their age, for example how young or old the service user is, if the service user has mental health difficulties, this is because the service user may think the carer/support worker is being kind and they may not understand the difference from being sexually abused or not. Emotional/ psychological abuse Emotional and psychological abuse can vary from bullying, verbal abuse and/ or swearing and devaluing someone’s self esteem. Signs and symptoms of emotional and psychological abuse may be the service user may start to feel withdrawn because they will

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