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Page #202 Quoted Passage: “There is a way to be good again.” Significance of the quote. This quote was said by Baba’s old friend, a man who was like Amir second father, Rahim Khan to Amir. He said this when he was trying to convince Amir to leave America and come back to Afghanistan which was at that point, ruled by Islamic militants known as the Talibans. Amir is never a totally depraved person but he makes poor decisions throughout his childhood, destroying several relationships and forcing him to seek ways to end the guilt that plague his life. This quote signifies betrayal and redemption. Amir as a child betrayed his friend Hassan by leaving him in the alleyway to get raped by Assef. This will eventually change the…show more content…
Amir, feeling guilty every time he sees Hassan’s face, decided to get rid of him by accusing Hassan of stealing his new birthday watch. This was the way Amir betrayed Hassan. This quote can also be related to Baba. Baba betrayed his friend Ali by sleeping with his wife Sanaubar. Therefore Amir ultimately found redemption for himself

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