Relationshipd In The Kite Runner

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From what you have read in chapter 4, how would you describe Amir? Amir is a complicated character whom can be either loved or hated by the reader at the same time. The reader feels sorry for Amir because he is longing for attention from his father, whom is not interested in his son's qualifications, but hates him for his treatment towards his best friend Hassan, whom is a loyal and faithful friend with unwavering attitude for him. In this novel, Amir faces with different situations and difficult decisions which make him act different for each one. He always feels guilty because of his violent birth, in which his mother died. This reality makes him always feel miserable about his past. On the other hand, he acts like an arrogant "Pashtun" in most of his behaviour with Hassan, and puts himself in a higher rank of ethnic groups, in comparison to "Hazzaras", whom have no voice in society. After all, these issues make huge contrasting decisions for Amir, however the reader should judge him regardless to these ways of thinking, because of Amir's particular situation. How would you describe the relationship between: Baba and Ali: Baba’s father was a judge who had adopted the orpahan Ali (Hassan's father) and raised the boy along with his own son (Baba). Ali and Baba grew up together just as Amir and Hassan have done a generation later, but Baba never considers Ali as a friend, the thing that will happen for Amir in his relationship with Hassan. And this is because they were aware of their ethnic differences. From Baba's view, there are differences of class and wealth between the dominant "Pashtuns" and inferior "Hazzaras." He was always telling his stories with Ali and the mischiefs they used to cause, and ali would say, "But, Agha sahib, tell them who was the architect of the mischief and who the poor laborer?" which means that despite of their
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