KAVA Case Paper

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Problem Formulation and Identification Paper University of Phoenix MGT/350 Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making Problem Formulation and Identification Paper Within the halls and conference rooms of the worlds businesses there exists employees responsible for discovering and solving organizational issues. These stewards of business deploy problem solving tools and techniques with the sole focus being the health and longevity which the organization and its stakeholders expect to experience. During the problem solving process many organizations will discover strengths and weaknesses with process flow, people or both. Throughout the exercise in problem solving additional constraints, obstacles, opportunities, goals and gaps will also be identified and addressed. What makes different organizations more successful than others? Why do some management teams have greater success with various problem solving techniques and why do others struggle to maintain object focused resolutions? Which technique and resolutions have been proven to work best, specifically when presenting solutions to employees and stakeholders? Identifying organizational decision making styles and objectives can enhance individual and organizational performance and is essential in discovering techniques used to make effective decisions. Organization: Four Seasons Hotel The Four Seasons Hotel faces challenges, problems, opportunities, and other organizational issues on a daily basis. Identification of goals, strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities is necessary to the success of operations and management. Decision making is the key element in identifying issues and is the anchor in the growth and stability of hospitality management. Decisions must be made on all levels of management and by employees on each level of hierarchy. A decision making process is crucial to
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