Junigian-16 Type Personality

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The Jungian 16 Type Personality has been very famous psychological assessment tool that was developed in early 1920 by Carl Jung. In about 1940 Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs designed a tool that based on Jung’s assessment classifies sixteen combination of four letter words which characterize the personality of a person as follow 1- Extroverted or introverted (E or I), 2- Sensing or intuitive (S or N), 3- Thinking or feeling (T or F), 4- Perceiving or judging (P or J). I took this test for the first time last week and scored INTP. See Attached Fig. 1. This classify me as Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Perceiving. The analysis claims that I am socially cautious, enjoy problem solving and highly conceptual and pinpoints a few possible carriers for me as follow: Plastic Surgeon, Software Designer, Psychologist, Private Investigator, Financial Analyst, Mathematician, and Photographer. To my surprise two of these carriers namely Software Designer and Mathematician are very close to what I feel comfortable with. How ever the rest of the carriers are not me especially plastic surgeon. Furthermore as for my personalities I found all Jung’s claim are close representation of my traits. The issue with the Jung’s personality test that one must follow in order to get right results is to be honest with the test. In other words there is a possibility for a professional to take the test and respond differently just because they don’t want to think as being not professional. I am pursuing a degree in MBA for two reason mainly this is a personal goal for me to achieve better understanding of management in practice and theory . Also this degree can make it easier for me to get into mid level management in my company. All the personality traits that this self assessment pointed align with my pursue of an MBA degree .
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