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Running head: Preparation for Future Courses Preparation for Future Courses MGT 521 RON PEGRAM 04/06/2009 369 Words As I complete my MBA program, I will be prepared for many things. I am hoping that this program will provide me with the tools and courage to start a new career. I am hoping to learn the tools to become a great leader. By reading the Quantative Reasoning for Business Overview document, I have a greater understanding of what I will be prepared for with regard to future courses that I must take including Economics, Finance, Accounting, Operations, and Research. The QRB course will directly aid me in my future in Corporate America and as a self-employed entrepreneur. It is absolutely necessary that I become “numbers” minded. In order to become an effective manager, I must think in terms of money. This would include concepts (and vocabulary) such as Return on Investment (ROI), revenue, profit, and sales. I will have to be an analytical thinker, which includes picking pieces of information apart, putting them together, deciphering what is fact versus what is fiction. This would…show more content…
However, I know that I will need this in order to succeed. I view the QRB course as a crash course introductory to Economics, Accounting, Finance, Operations, and Research. According to University of Phoenix Week Four Supplement, “The QRB course prepares you to master skills such as using time series data to forecast, construct histograms and bivariate plots using Excel, and conducting a linear regression analysis.” Without taking this QRB course, I would most likely be confused and frustrated. This would not be conducive to my future career goals. The QRB course is a stepping stone, as I will learn certain concepts and other necessary skills to exceed in the next few classes, particularly Accounting and

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