Julius Caesar Quotes

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Julius Caesar Act I Graphic Organizer Name|Character Notes|Important Quotes|Evidence of Loyalty (to whom?)| Flavius|Annoyed with the crowd because they are too fickle. |“?Go, go, good countrymen, and to make up for having done wrong, gather up all the poor men like yourselves, lead them to the Tiber, and weep into the river until it overflows its banks.”?|MURELLUS to Falvius| Marullus|Annoyed with the crowd because they are too fickle. |Why would you celebrate it? What victory does he bring home? What foreign lands has he conquered and captive foreigners chained to his chariot wheels? You blockheads, you unfeeling men! You hard hearts, you cruel men of Rome, didn’?t you know ?pompey Many times you climbed up on walls and battlements, towers and windows—?even…show more content…
?A arrogant men|He’?s insane. Let’?s leave him. Let’?s move.|From Caesar to Soothsayer| Casca| ? allegiant follower|Quiet! Caesar’?s talking.|Casca to Commoner| Calpurnia| ? ?Allegiant follower|I’?m here, my lord.|Caesar to Calpumia| Antony| ? ?Allegiant follower|I’?ll remember. When Caesar says “?do this,”? it is done.|Antony to Caesar| Soothsayer| ? ?Worry about Caesar|Beware of March 15th.|Soothsayer to Caesar| Brutus| ? ?Strong-minded people|I don’?t like sports. I’?m not competitive like Antony. But don’?t let me keep you from going, Cassius. I’?ll go my own way.|Brutus to Cassius| Cassius| ? ?Want Brutus join group of Cassius|Brutus, I’?ve been watching you lately. You seem less good-natured and affectionate toward me than usual. You’?ve been stubborn and unfamiliar with me, your friend who loves you.|Cassius to Brutus| Cicero| ? ?A unambitious senator|Indeed, it’?s a strange time. But men tend to interpret things however suits them and totally miss the actual meaning of the things themselves. Is Caesar visiting the Capitol tomorrow?|Cicero to Casca| Cinna| ? ?A man of group of Cassius|Yes, they are. Oh, Cassius, if you could only convince Brutus to join us—?|Cinna to
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