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Thousands of people are chanting across the room. The crowd are on their feet, jumping, screaming, and celebrating. The ground is shaking from the intense excitement that exists in the air. J.J Redick, a shooting guard for the Orlando Magic, just sank the game winning three pointer. Kanye West just sang one of his many hits for the eight time tonight. Anderson Silva, an MMA fighter, just connected his knee with his opponent’s face. These men excel at their everyday life, Whether it is winning numerous games for sports fanatics, or producing master pieces with little to no effort, or just simply beating their opponents to till they could no longer move. A typical day of work for Jonathan Clay Redick, Kanye Omari West, and Anderson Silva exemplifies their intense determination. Jonathan Clay Redick or J.J Redick for short is known to be one the most conditioned…show more content…
We need to honor these people by putting them in their respective hall of fame. J.J used his determination to train, so that he could be a factor on his team. Kanye West is determined to produce sensational songs to provided endless hours of joyful music, Anderson Silva was determined to rise above poverty and find riches in the sport he loves. All these men exemplify the mold of what a person should be in their respective career path. When J.J was playing for Duke, thousands of students would yell explicit things about his sister. He used as a way to motivate him and become a better player. Anderson Silva is a nice man outside the octagon, but once you’re in there with him, there is only one way out and that is knocked out with blood dripping down your face. These men never wasted their time; they used it all up to pursue their goals. Like Abraham Lincoln said “, and in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your

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