Johnny Tucker, kid spy

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A young boy named Johnny Turner is a very mischievous neighborhood kid. Johnny is ten years of age, which he has recently just turned in the early days of March. Little Johnny has jet-black hair that spikes up all over his head. Johnny has a pet turtle that he likes to call his one and only sidekick, which its name is Slomo. Johnny’s father’s name is Mr. Ike Turner and his mother’s name is Mrs. Tina Turner. Johnny, along with his parents, is a secret agent with a lot of attitude. He has a friend by the name of Tucker, Tuck for short, who is an engineer that makes all of Johnny’s gadgets. Johnny and Tuck were wondering through a neighbor’s yard down the street, when they heard two mean talking in a storm cellar. Johnny quietly snuck up on the men to hear their conversation. Before Tuck looked up, Johnny was running back towards him saying, “Run to the underground studio.” When Johnny and Tuck arrived to the studio, Johnny told Tuck everything that he overheard the men talking about. The men were discussing plans of engaging a powerful bomb. Johnny was very interested in this situation and wanted to get to the bottom of it. Johnny and Tuck then decided to follow the men to their lab to find out more information. When they arrived to the lab they had to wait for the men to enter the building before they followed them. As Johnny and Tuck entered they saw a huge flat screen monitor and a desk made up of a control panel. When Johnny went to figure the panel out, the two men entered the room. Johnny then quickly ran to find and hide with Tuck so they wouldn’t be seen. While hiding, Tuck’s cell phone started ringing and the two men spotted him and Johnny. Johnny, Tuck, and the two men began to fight and the man fighting Tuck knocked him down and engaged the bomb to head towards the capitol. After he engaged the bomb, Johnny worked together to take out one man at a

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