'Jewish People Should Be Vegetarians'- Agree or Disagree?

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‘Jewish people should be vegetarians’ A vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat, and sometimes other animal products for moral, religious, or health reasons. In Judaism, this is a very controversial topic for whether we should use animals for food or not. Firstly, some may agree with this statement and believe that Jewish people should be vegetarians. This is because Jewish law tells us that we must treat amimals with care. Due to this, some people feel that animals should be treated equally with human beings because just like us, they have rights too. Animals are fully aware of their existence and like humans, feel emotions and pain therefore by killing them for own benefit would be ethically incorrect. Just because they are unable to speak for themselves, it does not mean that humans can choose when their life ends. Furthermore, by killing an animal for the benefit of humans is also wrong because it is going against the sixth commandment ‘do not murder’. This is wrong, because as humans we must respect hashem and not disobey his commandments. Also, all life is valuable because G-d created every creature on this planet as part of his divine plan. Therefore, he must decide when animals lives should end, because as humans we must not interfere in plan. Judaism teaches about the sanctity of life and that life is holy, therefore the preservation of life is important therefore ending an animals life would be wrong. This is showing that Jewish people should be vegetarians. Moreover, relating back to Jewish history, Adam and Eve were told to eat vegetation. This perhaps means that we as humans today, should copy what they did as they were the first human beings G-d created. A quote to back this up is when G-d said ‘I give all the green plants for food." This is suggesting that we should be vegetarians, just like Adam and Eve. In addition to this,
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