Neuro-Evolutionary Argument For Vegetarianism By David Lane

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In David Lane’s, "A Neuro-evolutionary Argument for Vegetarianism,” he outlines two main argument against the killing and consumption of animals. Lane supports his argument through the materialistic perspective. Unlike other vegetarian arguments that rely on a spiritual premise for its support – I.E Animals have souls, the notion of the materialistic perspective is that only the physical realm exists in issues such as vegetarianism. Lane's first argument is that every animal with a functioning central nervous system has the capacity to feel pain and suffering. Lane bases this claim on factual evidence, the science of neuroanatomy, which indicates how pain is produced. In Lane’s second argument, he uses…show more content…
I found Lane’s arguments to be tied closely to Kantism and Utilitarism. Lane’s Kantism way of reflects the Categorical Imperative (1st formulation). Lane contends that we are hypocritical in our way of thinking and acting. We eat animals that are of “lesser” intelligence, where animals of “higher” intelligence are overlooked. I found this way of thinking to be narrow minded and impractical. Comparing a dolphin to a chicken in matters of importance is a difficult argument, but in terms of extrinsic worth, the dolphin holds a higher level of worth alive where as the chicken holds a higher worth dead then alive. Lane’s argument about the morality of inflicting pain on others concludes that humans should not kill and consume animals based on the value of life humans hold for other humans and that this value should transcend to animals. I found this argument to be avoidant of thought towards the human need of animals as food on both the physiological and economic level. Lane avoided this argument altogether and only presented the vegetarian argument without addressing any counter arguments. Though vegetarianism offers various benefits, it is a lifestyle choice that one should be free of discrimination to accept or to

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