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The Prime Protein Type Meal Plan (Gluten Free) 1. Make a commitment to choose ALL of your foods from your protein type nutrition plan. 2. Eat as much Fresh, Organic Food - as possible. 3. Work towards an eventual goal of committing a 90% focus on your mixed type meal plan as presented, while allowing your liberty of choice within the remaining 10%. If you are following the gluten free meal plan simply be sure to avoid gluten within your 10% liberty choices. 4. Please follow the Prime Protein type meal plan for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a 3 part meal plan. Parts 1 & 2 are ESSENTIAL - part 3 is optional: a. Part 1: Eat high quality meat, fowl, fish or seafood from the prime protein type meal plan at EVERY meal, and ALWAYS eat…show more content…
Always remember that this is a process and to make your best meal choice possible and recognize that your best choice potentially is going to vary. 7. Remember that for at least the first 60 days you will remain gluten free and please be sure to have a complete compliance with this. 8. At the end of 60 days gluten free you will have two choices. One is to remain gluten free if you are having a positive response and the second choice is to reintroduce gluten to assess your individual level of gluten intolerance. Please refer to the Nutritional Typing forum for directions on reintroducing gluten into your meal plan. * Raw dairy. Unpasteurized dairy is only commercially available legally in the US in California. However there are no restrictions from you purchasing raw diary directly from the farmer. You can contact your local health food store to see if they are aware of any raw dairy sources in your area. If that does not work you can go to for other possible sources. ** Raw eggs. Many people are concerned about salmonella. While this is always a possible risk, it is quite small. The risk appears to be less than one in 30,000 and that is for non-organic commercial eggs. The risk could be substantially lower for eggs obtained from healthy chickens. For more information on this subject you can go to

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