Jetblue Public Relations Campaign Strategy Paper

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JetBlue Public Relations Campaign Strategy Paper In the wake of unpredictable icy weather, JetBlue Airlines made several decisions to cancel numerous flights which caused a public relations nightmare. Understandable, customers using JetBlue Airlines were upset, frustrated and a bit angry because of the delays that occurred. JetBlue Airlines needed to devise a new public relations campaign to remedy the current situation. In addition, the company’s long range goals were set to explain the serve to overseas travel. List Objectives for the PR Campaign In order to explain its operations into the overseas market, JetBlue Airlines had to overcome a few stumbling blocks that occurred earlier this year. One major stumbling block occurred when JetBlue cancelled hundreds of flights due to icy conditions and a black log of stranded passengers and flight crews. Jenny Dervin, JetBlue Airlines company spokesman said a decision by JetBlue’s hub, Networks’ John F. Kennedy International Airport, to limit all airlines to two runways was a major stumbling block in the company’s efforts to get back on track. (JetBlue weather woes not yet overcome, David Neelman, Founder and CEO of JetBlue, repeatedly apologized for the wave of cancellations and delays and said, “I think the best thing we can do is say we’re sorry and give them their money back, and give them a free ticket and then kind of plead with them to come and fly again.” Once a passenger has a bad experience with any airline, that passenger will think twice before booking another flight with the same airline. JetBlue needed to devise a new public relations campaign to regain those customers who lost confidence in the flight service and to attract new customers who may be interested in using the new overseas services. JetBlue’s new campaign strategy included a “Customer Bill of Rights.” Strategically

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