Greeh Volcano Case Study

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Icelandic Volcano, 1 vs. Global Commerce, 0 Icelandic Volcano, 1 vs. Global Commerce, 0 This volcano has a funny name—Eyjafjallajokull—but its impact was not so funny to global businesses, both large and small.38 When it erupted on April 14, 2010, the plume of volcanic ash that spread across thousands of miles disrupted air travel and global commerce for a number of days. As thousands of flights were canceled across Europe, tens of thousands of air travelers couldn’t get to their destination. Could a company even plan for this type of situation? I believe that the company couldn’t plan for this situation because volcano’s eruption could happen at any time because we don’t know when Mother Nature wants to cause problems. I mean like yesterday we didn’t know what the weather was going to be like, because one moment it’s raining and the next the sun is out. The reason is because Mother Nature has a mind of her own; we can’t sit there and know what will happen every second, every moment. I also believe that a company could plan if there was news going on about a volcano about to erupt because our technology today is able to tell how long it will be when something like that will or is about to happen, so that a company should be able to replan or figure out what needs to be done next when something like a volcano erupts. Would goals be useful in this of situation?…show more content…
Managers can learn that always expect the unexpected at any given moment because we don’t have a timer on Mother Nature. They can also learn that to have back up plan when something doesn’t go as according to plan because if not they won’t expand or grow in the future but to go out of business instead. To have goals to run their business or company smoothly as much as possible, but knowing that there will be struggle somewhere no matter what but be able to stay calm when any kind of situation happens when they have goals and

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