Jeffrey Dahmer: A Murderer's Cruel Way

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No one can explain the reasons behind a murderer’s cruel ways. Jeffrey Dahmer seemed to be as normal and well mannered as any other person. In reality, he’s the one that everyone should fear. If one wants to understand him, they should look back to his childhood. As an infant, Dahmer’s mother was extremely depressed and was eventually hospitalized for severe post partum depression. (Nichols, 2006) Between the absence of his mother and his father being completely involved in his studies, Dahmer never received any affection from either. In addition, before his fourth birthday, Dahmer had several surgical procedures and hospitalizations that have proven to cause traumatic stress later on. Dahmer’s early childhood was plagued by extreme pain…show more content…
The way Dahmer thought and reasoned is directly related to the experiences during his childhood and young adulthood. Dahmer never established a healthy relationship with either of his parents resulting in the disconnection he had with society. Therefore, the disconnect he had when killing and dismembering his victims. Dahmer craved the control he had when he drugged and killed his victim. This is due to the fact he never had that control of his own body as a young child. It gave him the thrill to be in control of himself as well as another human being. Jeffrey Dahmer’s fascination with dissecting animals and insects translated in to his experiences on his victims. From dismembering to pouring battery acid into them, it was all for his curiosity. Finally, Dahmer’s feeling of being eternally lonely fueled his pleasure when he had his victims in his apartment. He needed them to be near him in order to feel complete and whole. Looking back on Jeffrey Dahmer’s life, one can see that all the signs were there from the beginning. From the unhealthy relationship with his family to out of the ordinary hobbies, much of his life was a step-by-step manual for developing an unstable mental

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