Kip Kinkel Analysis

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Kip Kinkel Analysis In 1998, Kipland “Kip” Kinkel shot and killed his parents, and killed 4 students at Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon. Kip’s troubles at home and in school seem to have led him to commit his misdeeds. Kip began to show flashes of violent behavior at a young age. Kip used a computer, bought for him by his parents, to develop dangerous interests: explosives and guns. Kip was learning how to make his own bombs and soon wanted to possess a gun. His parents started by giving him a knife, and then gifted him a gun on his 12th birthday. Over time, Kip’s weapons collection grew. Kip used his small arsenal to help himself relieve stress and anger – especially anger toward his father. Kip’s strong interest in guns led him and his friends to steal a gun and stow it in his school locker – the purpose of which was unknown. This obsession with violence led Kip to believe that killing was the only answer to solve his problems at home and at school. Kip’s childhood memories were not the most pleasant – mainly those involving school. He started preschool in Spain. He was picked on and also became frustrated that no one spoke English. His parents always held high expectations for him and frequently Kip felt compared to his older sister, Kristen. Kip felt like he could never please his parents, primarily his father. His father was always the hardest on him as a child, leading to a dysfunctional relationship between the two of them. He was diagnosed with Dyslexia and was held back in the first grade because of how much he struggled with schoolwork. Kip was constantly bullied throughout his schooling, and upon entering high school he felt as though many were against him. He admitted in his journals that he had thoughts of killing these people, but that hope kept him from doing so. Kip’s theories about how he was perceived led him to become angry and
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