Gun Violence Case Studies

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DB Forum 3 My Case study MT. MORRIS TOWNSHIP, Mich. (ABC)- A 6 year-old boy accused of a fatal shooting of a classmate at Elementary school near flint, Mich., is too young to face criminal charges, persecutors said. Instead, persecutors will focus on how the child got the gun used in the killing, which may have occurred as a result of a playground scuffle. We’re looking to see how the kid got that gun and if we get to that person we will prosecute them to the Fullest extent of the law, Genesee County Prosecutor Arthur Bush told ABCNEWS, GOOD MORNING AMERICA. When Tamarla Owens’ 6 year-old son shot a classmate early this year in Flint, Mich., many wondered Just how that child could become a killer. Here is the tragic…show more content…
“ I worked seven day a week at one or both of my jobs,” Tamarla Owens tells Insight. The boy’s father, Dedric Owens, was serving time in the county jail when his son took tat loaded gun to school. Dedric reportedly said that when he heard there had been a school shooting he knew the shooter was his boy. The father had been on parole since December 1999 but had been rearrested the Sunday. Little Kayla was killed by her classmate in Flint, Michigan. An African-American boy, who was living at a crack house- without even a bed to sleep on—because his uncle who lived there, was the only available adult to “watch over” him. The boy killed his classmate with one deadly shot from the gun He had stolen from his uncle. He had never fired a gun before. But he had played point-and-shoot video games. I believe, gun safety needs to be taught in schools. All schools need to be teaching gun safety. With gun control education in schools, more kids and even adults will make the right decision when dealing with gun. It would save lives, trips to the hospitals, and terrible memories. COPYRIGHT 2008 ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS (Denver, Co) HIGH BEAM Research. (NEWS/

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