Antwone Fisher Assignment

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Antwone Fisher has been a victim of physical and emotional abuse for most of his childhood and for that has had difficulty throughout his life coping with situations appropriately, often resulting in him retaliating violently. Many factors such as education and traumatic experiences have also contributed to the man he has become in present day. Social determinism is a viewpoint in which influences and one’s past experiences predetermine your behaviour in the future. This belief is evident and Antoine Fisher's life as his current actions reflect the attitude of those whom have negatively impacted him in his past. In the movie Antwone Fisher, it is learned that Antwone was abandoned by his teenage mother, at the time, and that his father died before he was born. Because of this, he was left at the hands of a foster home with no one he can truly call his mother or father. With no real mother or father figure to care for and educate him, as any child deserves to be treated, all that was on his mind was the mistreatment him and his brothers received. Antwone’s lack of education and role models in his life led to him not being able to express his feelings and emotions comfortably with others which in turn resulted in many complications in his life. Without anyone to talk to while growing up, Antwone found it very difficult to express his inner thoughts which often led to violence. This can be seen when someone comments on his sexuality and he decides to start a fight instead of just talking it through or simply ignoring it. Antwone Fisher grew up around abusive people that often made poor decisions in their life and because of this Antwone has not been able to distinguish between right and wrong when faced with certain challenges in his life. An example of this in the film can be seen when his best friend is shot before his eyes while holding up a convenience store.
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