What Is Your Opinion of the Idea That It Is Worth Taking Risks to Achieve Your Goals?

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In life and literature, individuals are often unprepared to take risks to achieve their goals. Some people are not able to be face unforeseen under certain circumstances. On the other hand some people can take risks to achieve their goals and make their life easier. In the movie, “Life As A House” , directed by Irwin Winkler , a character named Sam Monroe was not prepared to spend the summer with his father but he took that risk become a different person. The first unexpected experience was at the age of six when his parents were divorced. From this point Sam felt that no one cared for him. He decided to be different from everyone and took this risk to achieve what he wanted. As a rebellious teen he has bluish-black hair; wore facial make-up; had several body piercing and he wore Goethe clothing. Sam does not have any respect for others, he swears, he smokes and he takes drugs. His father, George, who is dying of cancer; came to take Sam to spend the summer tearing down his old house and rebuilding a new one along with their relationship. George is hopeful that this time they spend together will change Sam’s behavior and his outlook on life. As the house is being torn down, Sam is unprepared for the changes that happened to him. He doesn’t want to take this risk but somehow he changes. After a short period of time, Sam doesn’t wear make-up. However he wanted money to buy drugs and took the risk to earn that money and ended up prostituting himself to earn $300. George flushed Sam’s drugs down the toilet and after a conversation where his father told him that Sam was not the only one who had gone through a difficult experience. It was at this time that George told Sam about his drunken father. George explained to Sam that he wanted him to be happy and if Sam changed his attitude, he could easily be happy. George told Sam that he would never treat Sam in the

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