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Jaguarundi The Jaguarundi is a weasel-like short wildcat closely related to the Puma and Jaguar. This cat is relatively unknown to people in the United States, but is well known to locals in Mexico and as far south as Argentina. The name Jaguarundi means “Little Jaguar” in the Tupi Language, an indigenous people of Brazil. In other places the Jaguarundi is called the “Wessel Cat” due to its pointed head, small rounded ears, slender body and long neck. In Mexico the Jaguarundi is called an “Otter Cat” because they are good swimmers (apparently cats do like to swim, especially those who inhabit hot locals). The Jaguarundi can be found in parts of Texas and New Mexico and even in Florida; however, the Jaguarundi found in Florida are descendants of a…show more content…
. The increased human activity at the US/Mexico border which includes vehicle patrols, military and police actions, illegal immigration, and artificial lighting are destroying the fragile ecosystem that the Jaguarundi need in order to survive and thrive. The “Border Wall” separating the two countries restricts its ability to move and communicating during mating season. Another danger the Jaguarundi encounters, especially in the south, are hunters who value Jaguarundi furs. There is no formidable force working for the preservation of the Jaguarundi, the fact that the exact population for this big cat is unknown makes it difficult for conservation groups to petition the respective governments for assistance. In the US the inability of groups to determine a definite population number complicates the Jaguarundi status on the US recognized Fish and Wildlife Service list of endangered species. As is stands today the Jaguarundi is classified as “Least concern” which is a classification status assigned by the International Union for the Conservation of

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